Global Telemarketing

PolyVerba’s Global Telemarketing Package removes difficult barriers that a business can be faced with when wanting to expand globally. Typically, a business would have to endure the costs of international offices, language conversion, multilingual websites and international recruitment. As we remove these barriers, we lower the cost of entry to the global market, as well as lower the associated risks in accessing new markets.

How the Package works

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The PolyVerba Global Telemarketing Package includes:

  1. Regional Email.
  2. Web domain and translated target language website.
  3. Country-specific telephone number.

Utilising these tools and having a dedicated International Account Manager allows you to discover and connect with global clients. We also offer global telesales solutions so you can hit the ground running without having to source a local sales team. All the global telemarketers that we employ are native to the country of origin. Meaning, the global telemarketers have an understanding of the cultural differences, and enable you to break down any language barriers.


By using the PolyVerba Global Telemarketing Package, you are allowing your business to expand internationally, without the headache that comes with it! With multilingual account managers, the process of expanding globally is made much easier. Having international field sales managers will help to expand your business globally, as they will be hands on with ensuring your business is successful globally. Your International Account Manager will be hiring the international field sales managers, taking away that stress as well. Having the regional email and country-specific telephone number will make it much easier for global clients to get into contact with you.

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